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Apoptosis [ap-uh-toh-sis]: a normal, genetically regulated process leading to the death of cells and triggered by the presence or absence of certain stimuli, as DNA damage.

No matter how perfect we make ourselves out to be, humans are and will always be damaged souls. And when one lets the dark side of their own emotions reign, the downward spiral only increases in pace and brings forth the end sooner than one would desire. This album is merely a glimpse into some of the darkest emotions ingrained within, and how they can and will lead to that inevitable conclusion


released June 18, 2017

TGD: all voice, strings & composition
Recorded & mixed in the year 2016 C.E, in solitude
Mastered by V. Santura at Woodshed Studios, Germany, December 2016.
Artwork by Costin Chioreanu for twilight13media.com.



all rights reserved


Darcroven Watertown, Connecticut

An extreme metal project conceived by a sole individual and an idea in 2009. It's purpose: explore the dark sides of life and the individual being through the musical art of extreme metal.

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Track Name: Recurring
trapped under the wake of a dream
theirs was an abyss born of loss
denied the will of tomorrow

and so the one drowns
bound by the tears that is the weight
for this is how they dwell
for this is what madness becomes
nostalgia's embrace
the true recurring nightmare of no return

to wish for the hands to fall back
to wish for old time's cruelty
to wish to be free of the rising tide
is to welcome the madness of impossibility
and dim to the break of a recurring dream
Track Name: An Arrow to the Heart
to dream the death of the last star
a true arrow to heart
none shot ever more straight and true
from one without eyes to see
guided by chance's decaying hands

to dream the death of the last star
a driving force for the madness of many
for once the arrow drains the heart
it leaves only the blackest of scars
in place of the blood to quiet the soul

alone they stand before the fire

for if the archer is blind
the observer is impartial
the one to watch you die

and o how they weep
upon a face inevitable
so illusive they stand
convinced, betrayed

and when dreaming the death of the last star
their suns shall split wide open
to drain of every last drop of light
like an arrow to the heart
Track Name: Starblind
and for every star who shines in the sky
there follows one who became blind
tried as they did to open wide the sun
effervescence too can excel the reach
and become one's great destroyer

we fly until there is nothing left to see
and there is nothing left to feel

star devourer!
one who soars ever higher
with scythe in hand
tracing lead under the guise of neon
onwards to the great deceiver yet to be

thoughts clouded by your innocence
blind to what surrounds the inner eye
truth thinly veiled in decadence
onwards to the great deceiver yet to be

star blinded!
one fallen to the void
now you know the inner corrosion
guised by its outer fairness
now you know the great deceivers
Track Name: Axiom
here lies lord's undying truth
aeons unveiling the toil
the great sorrow to unfold
every dweller on dance-less soil

there are ones who wait
until the creature bears it's horns
and rips out their beating heart
before the revelation bears fruit
and embitters their hallowed halls

come suffering, come sin
consequences and revelations of those lost
in their perennial search for reason and being one and all

never to speak their own names again
never to see their own faces again
never to know their own truths again
never to know their own hearts again

for restitution is needed for every truths unknown
Track Name: Felix Culpa-A Sermon for the Fall
and o' how we fall
from that which is tall
evermore we grow small
from the weight of it all
we become the thrall

and nay we heed not
to the inner rot
that blinds the spot
no bigger than a dot
we fall to the growing knot

and lo and behold
these days so old
growing ever cold
and evermore we scold
all the while becoming the mold
Track Name: Apoptosis
to drown under an ocean of stars
a premeditated collapse of our hallowed halls
the fates long set before our arrival
to leave a lasting wake of life decaying

commencement of deconsecration
and the opening of the mouth

death of the sun
death of renewal
fate carved from inside out
there will be no fucking more grace

death of the sun
death of renewal
there will be no more fucking grace
Track Name: Exit
exit carved in stone
from the day we were born
grown until entrance sown
to the abyss unknown
to where no wind speaks
of such quietus becoming
upon which its bodkin gives its claim

from where strides a behemoth
whose guard gives glancing judgement
through those qivitous striders
whose thin veil masks their painful truth
of which it has laid claim

on they run from their penultimate fate
to where no exit can set them free
no victory to haul them up high
only the entrance set in stone
only the way to death
Track Name: Procession of the Phantoms
all souls dying
laughing at their own funeral
decaying faces made of clay
transparent like phantoms
set to be distorted forever
by the cold winds of time

all souls marching
to the one prime mover
drawing them down the void
where none will ever return

all souls dead
they continue to laugh at their own funeral
in a downward spiral to their end