Dark Roads of the Voyager

by Darcroven

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An observation about the destruction of a human soul


released November 17, 2013

Conducted by:

TGD: all voices, strings, noises, programs & composition

All songs conceived by TGD as follows:
Written and recorded between August 2012 & April 2013
Mixed between June 2013 & July 2013

Mastered August 2013 by Tore Stjerna at Necromorbus Studios

Artwork by Santiago Caruso



all rights reserved


Darcroven Watertown, Connecticut

An extreme metal project conceived by a sole individual and an idea in 2009. It's purpose: explore the dark sides of life and the individual being through the musical art of extreme metal.

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Track Name: Entrance (Icons Burn)
[the observer]:

there is but one place
where sparse is radiance
and grandeur is none
perpetual eclipse eternal
for the sun is their superior
and when such an icon fades
all other icons burn

the valley made of smoke
whose air is made of poison
curse be upon the man
who ventures near
a trinity of idols stands so tall
as they burn without end
under falling grey skies
symbolic keepers
of what is to come
where no man ever dreams again
beyond the icons burning

[the voyager]:

i am the traveler
i am the witness
and i am the follower
and i cannot go back
for i am forbidden

for only a fleeting moment
i saw the sun break the shadows
but even it fears the beyond
and it cannot tame the unlight

all that shimmers now dulls
beyond the icons burning
where light touches none
where the earth grows barren
i am the traveler
and i am the witness
their flames signal the point of no return
Track Name: Unhallowed Ground
Track Name: Of Lead and Mercury
[the voyager]:

occult miasma
life's breath now poison
each inhalation taken
venom inside agitates
inexorable through exhalation
i count the days endlessly
until no longer can i breath clean air

this blight i inherited
a bane of my existence
every day hurts greater
like a perpetual dark tunnel

from out of the shadows
to a degenerating spirit
thus speaks an entity

[the observer]:

"take this poison
if you wish to breath clean air
once again
for what you breath
reeks of lead and mercury
the poisons which leads a man
on a downward spiral
towards suffering
i give to you the final solution
just keep at ease
for it comes ever swiftly
without so much as a whisper
for anticipation is true despair
take the poison if you wish to breath clean air once again"
Track Name: The Static Well
[the voyager]:

in the gathering dark
at tunnels end there stands a light
and so onwards i make haste
yet with prejudice
so the light also makes haste
unchallenged haste


and the threshold remains unbroken
so close yet so far away

[the voyager]:

in the static well i wake
in the soundless void i break

at breakneck velocity i make
onwards towards tunnels end
but yet again
it continues away
all open spaces close inwards
all resolve within decaying

no progression
(observer: like a nightmare perpetual)
or regression
(observer: cyclic night torture)

a prison of my own mind games
energy running dry
shutdown imminent


and the threshold remains unbroken
so close yet so far away
Track Name: Silent Observer
[the voyager]:

whose presence dwells obscure
are you here to kill me?

do not deny
do not deny what you wish!
i feel you hate surging

as your ominous presence lingers about
for it coursed within your wretched state of being
when you were flesh and blood

why, watcher, do you hesitate?
my tired eyes have seen enough
quickly now, before i reconsider
here i lie, defenseless and weak
deliver your strike with haste

oh watcher, why do you vanish?
has the coward within claimed it's stead?

make your presence known
do what needs to be done
Track Name: Maelstrom
[the voyager]:

your claws rip through my flesh
this devilry i cannot comprehend
does your heart carry the strength?
to be the bearer of pain
when the pain was borne upon you

you will not turn me away!!

by what extent do you incorporate?
does your heart carry the strength?
to bring forth madness
to your own dominion

you will not turn me away!

i know not of who you are
nor where you come from
but i know why you haunt this place
it was your demise

is a symbiotic existence demanding too much?
my heart carries not the strength
to ward you off over yonder
for this place too is mine
Track Name: Enigma (What Remains to be Seen)
[the observer]:

and the moon became naught
shades of night behind
and the surround was blind
that which cannot be seen
lays within as a burden
that which cannot be undone

[the voyager]:

the mystery despairs
piercing that what is
i wander in the night
thoughts of horror too great
for that which cannot be seen
invokes me horror too great

the mystery lingers
ascending crescendos
the despairs come in waves
i no longer can find comfort
beneath the obscurity
i despair

[the observer]:

the mystery reveals
black wings unravel
shape disproportionate
clearly unhuman
fire where it's eyes should be
but not to be
a sight no one should behold

[the voyager]:

the mystery lusts
gaze fixated hither
i am next
my blood entices
nevermore awaits me
yet by my hands
the end less severe
Track Name: The Pale
I: grey dawn

[the voyager]:

hold fast!
in the deadwood maze
your congregation hides!
the band cloaked in black
i have seen throughout
wandering the painted grey
i know not of what your intentions be
but do you know of mine?
ask me, and yet i may respond

in the grandeur ridden melancholy
in this era of the falling
i seek resolve!
to ease a mind troubled
i beckon out
and yet silence remains
with your thousand-yard stare
underneath the veil
haze-enveloped disposition

II: last resort

[the voyager]:

i hear your whispers
hear out what i may say
for my intentions are clear
can you cure a damaged conscience?
what is the answer to resolve?
what is the answer?

III: nil

[the observer]:

nothing but a blank stare
nothing but a silent scream
only silence

IV: grey dusk

[the voyager]:

why now do you leave me?
i know not of what my intentions be
help me help myself
do not yet depart me
for the coming rain will hurt tonight